Nano Technology

About Nano Technology

Nano Technology is used to break down the particles, in our case cannabinoids, into a Nano size particle which is much smaller than a traditional particle size. This is used in many different applications especially in the medical world by Pharmaceutical Companies. This is done to increase absorption and increase the amount of time in the body, leading to a lower amount needed to get the same affect as a non Nano product. Our products, both CBD and Delta-8 are both Nano products.

Our products go through a Nano Emulsion and Nano Amplification process which breaks down the traditional CBD molecule and increase efficacy by up to 95%. Traditional CBD molecules are an average size of about 300 nanometers across. Our bodies are designed to process molecules around 60 nanometers across and smaller which in turn wastes about 90% of the traditional CBD consumed. This process allows our products to break the CBD and other Cannabinoid molecules down to a range from 15-60 nanometers depending on the formulation, increasing the efficacy and absorption rate up to 99%.

Infographic poster of the 4 benefits of nano technology

Our products advanced formulations allow for zero degradation of our encapsulations resulting in maximum stability.

*Our particle size and encapsulation integrity is 3rd party tested

Nano Emulsified CBD increases efficacy by up to 95%

Reduces Waste, Increases Absorption Rates & Increases Efficacy

-Nano emulsifying CBD allows the formulation and development of a new quality of Cannabinoid products like never before. It's made using cutting-edge nanotechnology and creates Cannabinoid particles 1,000 times smaller than ordinary Cannabinoid molecules. This not only helps your body absorb more of the CBD, but it also helps the CBD quickly-and-easily enter your bloodstream to fuel your cannabinoid receptors.

Nano Amplified CBD increases efficacy by up to 75%

Reduces Waste, Increases Absorption Rates & Increases Efficacy

Nano Amplifying CBD is a process that allows the break down of the size of active ingredient molecules into an oil in oil emulsion, utilizing both long chain and medium chain triglycerides. This process increases efficacy by circumventing first pass hepatic absorption, while also dispersing the active ingredients throughout the product more evenly for consistent dosages.